Franziska Nast

Infotext X Work

Diamond Nights


Laser copies wallpapered on rice paper
295 × 265 cm

Collage of notes, conversations, song lyrics, ... that took place while tattoing certain characters.

Drawings, Sounds & Ambiences
"Drawings, Sounds & Ambiences" shows on-site installation art and projects that were developed by Christoph Metzger and Ulrich Eller and presented in the Fischereihallen (fishery buildings) at Cuxhaven harbor. Inscriptions in surfaces, drawings as traces of media memory, as well as landscapes and their sounds, are the themes addressed here. Innovative forms of art education are featured in this volume alongside essays by Barbara Barthelmes, Arnold Dreyblatt and Bill Fontana. This project undertaken on the coast of Lower Saxony thus represents something of an international stocktaking. Artists: Malte Bartsch, Jens Brand, Ulrich Eller, Madeleine Gorges, Christian Holtmann, Frederik Kochbeck, Thomas Köner, Franziska Nast, Stefan Roigk & Daniela Fromberg, Ingo Schulz, Steffi Weismann, Tim White-Sobieski, Heiko Wommelsdorf, Anna Maria Zink