Franziska Nast

Infotext X Work

Parkplatztreffen – Kunstverein St. Pauli

since 2016

Documentation Parkplatztreffen, 2016–2018

Freihafen, Hamburg
Parkhaus, Bahnhof Altona
Nikolaikirche, Hamburg
Truckstop, Entenwerder
Goetheplatz, Theater Bremen

After the first event in September 2016 on a parking space in the "Freihafen", the Kunstverein St. Pauli is planning a series of further events in the same format.
For each event, a parking lot is determined and 4-5 artists are invited to develop a new work for the particular situation. The cars of the members of the Kunstverein will be available to each participant, and vehicles can be rented as an option.

Parking spaces as places of temporary residence differ greatly in function, location and form. For the planned events, different forms are to be explored as far as possible (parking garages, commuter parking lots, rest areas). A requirement is a connection to public transport to ensure access for visitors without a car.

invitation cards for the exhibitions of the series