Franziska Nast

Infotext X Work

Finale Form

urns, since 2016
DeathLab Berlin

cardboard, cork, emulsion paint, tattoo ink.
Dimensions: 25 cm high, ø 19,5 cm
Weight: 650g

Degradability: within 20 years

Finale Form, Edition Leben
Franziska Nast explores the question of what images one would like to surround oneself with after the end of life. For this, she chooses the medium of tattooing - during one's lifetime, the motifs and lettering on one's own skin are considered to be motifs created for eternity, which nevertheless disappear with cremation. In her Final Form she takes up traditional tattoo symbols and combines them with personal images.
For the production, Franziska Nast cooperates with the inclusion manufactory of the Union Sozialer Einrichtungen in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Here, the blanks are built from cardboard in the paper workshop and encased in cork. Franziska Nast primed the two-part body white with environmentally friendly emulsion paint and then tattooed it.
Within the framework of Edition Leben, own motifs can be developed together with the artist and an individualized Finale Form can be produced.